Holland Farming is primarily a manufacturer of amino acid based nutrients for professional agriculture. We prefer to work with partners which have a position in the markets in which they operate. We endeavour to supply first class products, that satisfy the needs of master farmers. We demand the highest standards of quality, not necessarily the cheapest. Nevertheless we supply our products with low overhead, keeping the lines to the end user as short as possible.

Our partners as importers and distributors, who are supporting farmers in a direct way, offering in their portfolio only reliable products. These comprise of fertilizer and crop protection products manufacturers, seed companies, substrate producers, farm equipment and greenhouse builders.

Holland Farming is active as importer in some countries, where our local partners are part of the Holland farming family. We invite you to check out:


You can find our Holland Farming partners in vineyards, cocoa groves, orchards, on the plains in the middle of corn, sunflower and wheat, but also in greenhouses and on football fields.