CROPMAX is manufactured through the enzymatic hydrolysis of various vegetal raw materials. The most important are soybean and sugarcane. The enzyme used for the hydrolysis determines the extraction of the active ingredients (protein chelated trace elements and amino acids).

The raw materials are of non-GMO vegetal origin. In order to make the fermented half fabricate liquid and ready for use, demineralised water obtained through reveresed osmose is added for the emulsion and solubility.

CROPMAX is packed upon demand:

100 ml (50 bottles per colli, 42 colli per euro pallet)
250 ml (1 collo with 4 colli of 24 bottles per colli; 15 collo per euro pallet)
1000 ml (12 bottles per colli; 50 colli per euro pallet)
5 litre (4 cans per colli; 28 colli per euro pallet)
20 litre (1 can and poring hose per colli; 26 colli per euro pallet)

TÉMAX is a formulation of watersoluble synthetic fertilizers with which powdered amino acids are added. The formulation is packed in 1000 gram re-closable aluminium sachets.