CROPMAX is a highly concentrated fertilizer supplement to be used next to a normal fertilizing program. CROPMAX is made from vegetal raw material such as (non-GMO) soybean, sugarcane molasses and rice vinasse. Through enzymatic hydrolyses, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes are isolated to make them available for plants to absorb through foliage. Hence CROPMAX needs to be sprayed. Depending on the crop, one needs between one (extensive crops, such as… read more


TopCrop is a foliar feed for extensive crops (cereals, oilseeds). Next to amino acids, derived from soybean, TopCrop contains essential micro and macro nutrients among which are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc. We advise to use TopCrop next to granular applications of NPK fertilizer, although one can reduce its normal rates by 10%. One or two applications in early season is recommended to promote the early stages of growth… read more


TéMax is a powdered, watersoluble compound containing both watersoluble NPK, a mix of chelated trace elements plus a set of growth stimulating amino acids. Applying nutrients through the leaf has different advantages: the influence is fast and direct; it prevents fixation or salinity to block the uptake of nutrients from the soil. TéMax can also be applied in drip irrigation.