CROPMAX is a highly concentrated fertilizer supplement to be used next to a normal fertilizing program. CROPMAX is made from vegetal raw material such as (non-GMO) soybean, sugarcane molasses and rice vinasse. Through enzymatic hydrolyses, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes are isolated to make them available for plants to absorb through foliage. Hence CROPMAX needs to be sprayed. Depending on the crop, one needs between one (extensive crops, such as cereals) and three litres (intensive crops, greenhouses, etc).

When sprayed ahead of a desired change in plant growth, CROPMAX promotes root setting, vegetative growth, generative growth (more flowers/fruit) and the formation of carbohydrates.

When root setting is promoted, a plant is better able to absorb available nutrients from the soil and resist stress from drought.

Vegetal growth is not always desired. But with spinach, lettuce, endives, brassica’s etc. you will have a better crop with darker leaves and more dry weight.

When CROPMAX is sprayed ahead of fruit setting, there will be an increase of fruit setting leading to more harvest. This is apparent with fruit trees, but also with legume plants (soybean, beans, peas, etc.), tomatoes and so forth. Fruit setting will also be more uniform.


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